Benefits of Hiring a Knuckle Boom from Hire-A-Forklift

If you experiencing obstructions and difficulties in maintaining a working height level, we will be delighted to assist you with choosing the right Knuckle Boom Hire Sydney to suit your requirements. These smart machines help you work around obstacles such as fixtures, walls, machinery or any other restrictions that you may have in your path. You can manoeuvre them above, below or horizontal to the ground level. With our wide range of knuckle boom lift rentals, we can assure you that we have the perfect model to suit your work requirements.

There are quite a few advantages of choosing Hire-a-forklift for Knuckle Boom Hire Melbourne that include:

  • On-site guarantee and replacement in a short time frame of 2 hours (dependent on location)
  • A clearly defined monthly cost that supports the budget and planning of organisations
  • All kinds of repair and servicing costs are included in the Knuckle boom rental fee.
  • If you feel that the unit is not suited to your requirement, you can get it exchanged at any time with another unit of different specifications
  • The OH&S (Occupational health and safety), work cover requirements, replacement parts and updates on the machinery is executed at the end of our company
  • In case of any urgent requirements, you can get additional units at the site for the same rates
  • If you decide that you need the forklift for long term hire and want to purchase the machine you can also get a rebate from your rent fee

The best and most useful aspect of hiring a Knuckle boom is that it is always repaired and serviced on the same day when you choose Hire-a-forklift, ensuring that there is absolutely no loss of business.

To discuss your Knuckle Boom Hire Sydney or Knuckle Boom Hire Melbourne needs, please contact one of our experienced consultants on 1300 729 077 or,